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The Metropolitan Club has 5 categories of membership for which the eligibility criteria are given below: Membership to the Club is available only through an existing member. The proposing member needs to pick up a form and carry out the required procedures for any individual he / she intends to introduce to the Club.

Following are the categories and rates of membership:

General Eligibility for Membership

  • All ladies & gentlemen above the age of 21 years as on the date of application
  • A person who who fulfils the criteria for admission under the category applied
  • Each candidate for Membership shall be proposed by one Permanent Member who is personally known to the candidate.
  1. Permanent Member / Permanent Life Member
    • Members of the All India Services serving in Karnataka whether retired or serving, and who are settled in Karnataka
    • Permanent members are eligible to hold one of the Managing Committee
    • Admission fees Rs. 18,750/- including Service Tax
  2. Associate Member / Associate Life Member
    • Group "A" Officers of either the Central, State Government
    • Officers of equal status employed in Nationalized Banks, Central / State Government Undertakings / Institution serving or retired and settled in Karnataka
    • Admission fees Rs. 29,970/- including Service Tax
  3. Temporary Member (TM)

    The eligibility for a temporary membership is given below. A temporary member may extend their membership on an yearly basis for a maximum period of five years.

    • Tenants residing in a house belonging to a permanent member in the MCHS Layout, BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore
    • Any person who is eligible to become a member of the club under the provisions of clause 8 of the bye-law but opts to be temporary member for a limited period
    • Adult brother, sister and parents of a permanent member residing with the permanent member in the MCHS Layout
    • A temporary member may become an Associate Donor Member by paying an additional fee i.e. a difference between the normal entrance fee and the entrance fee for temporary membership
    • Admission fees Rs. 18,870/- for 1 year and 35,520/- for 3 years
  4. Download application form

  5. Corporate Membership
    • Any Institution or Pvt limited Company that is proposed by a permanent member
    • Such Membership shall entitle the Corporate Member to nominate two of its bona fide senior executives for use of the facilities provided by the Club at any given time
    • Such representatives shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges allowed to a Associate Member
    • Admission fees Rs. 1,65,450/- to Private Companies and 1,10,300/- to Government Undertaking Companies including Service Tax
  6. Download application form

  7. Associate Donor Member

    Associate Donor Member means the members enrolled in that category restricted to a total of 100 (one hundred only) at any time

    • He / she may become an Associate Member if duly proposed by one and seconded by two Permanent Members of the Club and elected by the Managing Committee
    • Admission fees Rs. 83,000/- including Service Tax