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CardsFor those who enjoy playing cards, we have a separate cards room where you can play a good game with snacks and tea served at the table by our efficient staff.

Rules and Tarrifs

  1. The Cards Room will be opened as follows:
    Evening 4.00 PM to 10.30 PM
  2. The Tariff per family is as under:
    Members Rs. 140/- including Service Tax
    Casual Basis Member Rs. 22/- per day
    Member’s Guests Rs. 55/- per day
  3. No table reservation is permitted at Cards Room.
  4. Ordinarily the games of Bridge, Rummy only shall be played.
  5. New cards packs will be made available for Members use once a week.
  6. Members are not permitted to bring their own Cards, but shall use the Cards supplied by the Club, or bought from the Club.
  7. Members introducing guests in the Card Room shall be responsible for any liabilities incurred by their guests.
  8. No refreshment / eatables of any type shall be brought from outside the Club and used in the Cards Room.
  9. No smoking inside the Cards Room will be permitted.
  10. Husband and Wife, or, close relations, shall not play on the same table when there are two tables. When there is only one table, they may play on the same table, but shall sit farthest from each other, irrespective of the Rules evolved for seating at the table.