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Rules and Tarrifs

  1. Timings:
    6.30AM to 12.00 noon
    4.00 PM to 9.00 PM
  2. The tariff per family will be Rs. 196/- including Service Tax.
  3. Guests charges will be Rs. 55/- per hour.
  4. Casual Basis Member Rs. 22/- per day.
  5. Badminton Members shall not be allowed to book more than one game at a time. After finishing one game, they may book another.
  6. Members playing Singles shall always give way to Members waiting and desirous of joining in or making up a Doubles Game. Dependant members are allowed to play, if there is no member is waiting and will vacate the court after finishing the game in progress.
  7. The days and times to play shall be such as may be notified from time to time. At other times, by prior arrangement with the Secretary, it may be reserved for Members and their guests, at Rs. 55/- per hour, or, part thereof, for a period not exceeding two hours in the aggregate.